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The gift set includes:Flavour Collection IMPRA tea. Green tea flavoured express IMPRA. Green tea aroma identical to natural: cherry, blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, caramel. 60g;Cereal cakes with milk enriched with calcium, magnesium and iron. BelVita original Breakfast Milk and Cereals. Energy for the whole morning. BelVita Breakfast biscuits...


One million pink heartsGift set One million pink hearts is the perfect gift for special occasions. Are you looking for a Valentine's Day gift, Mother's Day, mom's or mother's birthday? This set of excellent sweets is a great way to express warm feelings towards loved ones. The whole set is packed in a very elegant cardboard box with a bow. Inside there...


Sweet Kupido & Chocolate Amor Gift SetSweet Kupido & Chocolate Amor Gift Set is an unusual gift that will make every chocolate sweet lover smile. Beautifully decorated cardboard box features delicious black Ceylon tea, chocolate cherries, coffee-flavored milk chocolate, small milk chocolates, delicious chocolate pralines and colorful candied...


A unique opportunity is coming and would you like to celebrate it by giving a nice gift to a loved one? If you want to please a friend, mom or loved one, choose a truffle surprise gift basket – a gift that will appeal to any sweet lover. Filled with top-notch pralines and Belgian truffles, the basket is an impressive and original composition. The whole...


Are you looking for an original, glamorous way to show tenderness to a loved one? If you want to surprise her with a nice gift, choose a gift set Box of variety. Filled with sweets, the box will appeal to any lover of good taste. Inside are placed exclusive sweets: lemon jam, candies, almonds in white chocolate and cinnamon. The whole is complemented by...


Do you want to surprise a person close to you by giving them a unique gift? Choose a gift basket Blue delight, and you are sure to bring a smile and emotion. Filled with branded sweets is an ideal option for a nice evening. Pralines, Danish cookies and chocolate will be a real treat for the palate. The pleasure will be complemented by high-quality black...


How to please a loved one? To show tenderness and attachment, choose the Exquisite Variety gift basket, which is perfect for names, birthdays, Mother's Day or as a small gift without opportunity. The exclusive basket includes aromatic green tea, pralines, almond cakes and chocolate figs. Branded sweets combined with an aromatic drink will work as a nice...

Basket with sweets

Basket with sweets - a sweet gift

A basket with sweets (a set of sweets) for a gift is a very good idea if you want to conquer someone's heart with a pleasant surprise. We provide you with delicatessen baskets with home delivery. All you need to do is place an order, and a gift basket with sweets, filled to the brim, will go straight into the hands of the person you indicated. It's worth making someone smile.

Our shop specializes in preparing gift sets for both individuals and companies.

We realize that sometimes it can be difficult to come up with and complete an aesthetic gift. Thanks to us, customers save time and get aesthetic and fully thought out delicatessen baskets with home delivery.

We make every effort to include in each set high-quality products of proven manufacturers with a stabilized market situation.

In the sets there are tasty groceries, and their variety pleases everyone - both who gives and who receives such a gift.

Gift candy set is a great idea for a person of all ages

The contents of the basket can be adapted to the age of the person who is to receive such a gift. We have included this in our range. Our shop is therefore the perfect place to buy a set for everyone. The aesthetics and quality of our sets make them a great option for both a family member, a friend or employees gifted by the boss, e.g. on the occasion of holidays.

The gift basket with sweets can be sent by us by post or courier and this within a maximum of two days from the moment of payment by the person ordering the payment. Thanks to this, you can quickly and easily order a gift, even if there is not enough time until a particular occasion. It is up to the ordering party to choose and pay, the rest we are already dealing with.

Our offer is used every month by a lot of customers, and we constantly try to meet their expectations.

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