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Take care of the gift look of your product. Choose the packaging for your gift. If you don't know which packaging to choose, then you don't have to worry. Choose from the list "our choice" and then we will choose the packaging that best suits your product. Select the type of packaging from the list below.


Decorative wishes, engraved on a wooden box. Just write your own wish text in the text box and save the change data (customization). The wish content will be engraved on the inside of the box lid.NEW - from now on you can also order an engraving of images, photos or patterns and different shapes.See sample engravings.Personalized gifts


Accessories and gifts for products such as ticketing, mascots, ribbons, bows.

High-quality gifts for every occasion

Gifts for loved ones are an easy way to give them great pleasure. Often a symbolic trifle is enough to prove to the other person that it is important to us. Interesting surprise gifts show that we celebrate events that mean a lot to us. They are perfect for wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Women's Day, as well as many other occasions. We offer various types of mascots, bomboniers, ticket, or souvenirs with engraver.

How to choose the perfect gift?

Finding the perfect gift requires us to have a good knowledge of the other person. We offer a wide range of products so that everyone can find something for themselves. Looking for a gift for your loved one? Bet on a set of sweets (e.g. Velvet Sweetness from madegro offer), and add an affectionate mascot. Need a great gift for mom? Choose a set of good cosmetics (e.g. Moroccan Evening SPA from madegro) and add a bombonier of delicious chocolates to it. What about a gift for a man? A great choice is a set of teas (e.g. Tea Party from madegro offer), to which we will add a greeting ticket.

Personalizowane Upominki - why is it worth it?

Personalizowane Upominki is an excellent option for all who are looking for one-of-a-kind products. The engraver is a variety of the basic product. Thanks to it, the gift becomes even more beautiful.

Engraved gifts are a souvenir for many years to come. They are extremely touching, so it is worth choosing them for special occasions.