List of Jerzy Springer

Jerzy Springer – plastic

Jerzy Springer – plastic

He graduated from the State High School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz. From 1978 to 1983 he studied at the State School of Fine Arts in Poznań at the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Industrial Design. He defended his diploma in the furniture design studio of Doc. Władysław Wroblewski.

He is involved in painting, photography and design. Teacher in the School Team No. 1 in Wągrowc. Local government, member of the Board of Wągrowiecki District.

The theme of his works, which is connected with the sea, is a theme resulting from the interests and passion of this Artist. His son sails from an early age, and he himself instilled this passion in him. Sam, as much as he can, it packs into "something that floats" and looks for new themes for painting. His father and uncle also sailed, so it's such a family hobby. The theme itself stems from his love in Gdynia – "a city from the sea and from dreams".

An extraordinary gift for a loved one, that is, a painting or artistic photo on the wall

How to pick out something really interesting from a sea of gift inspiration? It is best to reach for timeless, durable things that will become a souvenir for years to come. A great idea for such gifts seems to be something related to art. Artistic photos and graphics, which framed after framing can hang on the wall, will be a great choice for those who value good style and class.

Artistic photos and paintings for the living room

For some time you can see a strong trend associated with decorating houses and apartments - it's whole wall galleries full of author's graphics and posters, paintings and artistic photos. Connected to each other, for example, by a motif or color scheme, the main theme, they form an excellent whole and become a unique decoration of the house. For those who appreciate such accessories, paintings for the living room and artistic photos, they will be an excellent gift. Framed in attractive frames, they will become a very elegant gift in good taste. Such a gift image can be given not only to close friends or acquaintances, but also to contractors and business partners, for example, as a thank you for your cooperation.

The power of artistic photography

Artistic photography has undoubted strength and always attracts glances, similarly author's graphics, which on the one hand refer to the trends we like today, and on the other hand have something unique in them. With the help of such additions, the interior can be changed in one afternoon. Lovers of design and decorating will appreciate another beautiful copy to hang on the wall.


The painting "Waiting" - the image was created as a result of a journey along the route of Hanseatic cities. On the work, the mooring bar blocks on the waterfront in Lubeca were immortalized. The technique used to paint on the painting line is acrylic + oilImages


"Fishing I" – ice-lying fish in the market is still a topic worth observing and developing. The topic taken from a visit to the fish market in Thessalonikach. Monotypia on a cardboard box with gold flakes in places of shimmering scales emphasizes the impression.Images