1. How do I attach a ticket and add wish content?

In our offer there are products such as "souvenirs", which m.in: ticket,mascot and others. Such add-ons are available on the product cards to which the gift can be added. Select a gift by going to the card of the selected product. At the bottom of the card, you're able to see the gifts you can attach to the gift. On the gift card, the ticket is the "Ticket Content" field. Enter your own wish content here and save the "customization" so that the text is attached to the order. Then add the ticket to your order.

2. How do I use a promo code?

In the shopping cart on the right above the shopping cart summary there is a link "Do you have a promo code?". When you click on this link, you will see a field to enter the code. Type the code and click Add. If the code is correct and the conditions for the code are met , the promotion will be included in the shopping cart.

3. How do I provide a different address for the invoice and another address for the delivery of the order?

In the Personal Data step, by default, the delivery address is also the billing address (for the invoice). If the billing address is different, just uncheck the "Use this address also for invoice" field below the address fields. Then enter the address for the invoice. Our system allows you to freely mark address blocks as "delivery address" or "billing address". This means that when placing an order, you can freely indicate which address it is for. There is no need to edit and re-enter this data.

4. For what purpose should I provide an email address in my order?

An invoice will be sent to the email address provided in the order. We will also have the opportunity to contact you using this address if you have any further questions regarding your order or the products you have requested.

Only if you agree to send marketing messages or our Newsletter to the address provided will such messages be sent. If you unsubscribe, simply click on the link in the email footer or let us know in any way available. We care about very good relations with our customers and ensure that we do not send unsolicited messages.

5. Do I need to provide a phone number in my order?

Please provide us with a contact telephone number to yourself and/or the recipient of the shipment for the purpose of processing your order. This will improve the execution of the order in extreme cases and allow for a quick explanation of doubts or questions raised during the execution of the order.