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The gift basket contains:

  • Tet Harmony green tea Sencha and Lemon peel. Green fine tea with the addition of herbs in sachets and foiled envelopes. 40g;
  • Tet Earl Grey black tea and bergamot flavour. Black tea with bergamot aroma in sachets. 40g;
  • Tet Charm black tea Thyme and Blackcurrant. Black fine tea with the addition of herbs 20x2g in sachets 40g;
  • Tet English Breakfast black tea. Black tea 20x2g in sachets. 40g;
  • Tet Ginger Green Tea warming tea. Green fine tea with spices, 20x2g in disposable bags with label in individual envelopes. Green tea with ginger, warming tea) 40g;
  • Tet Fantasy green tea Oolong and Camomile. Strawberry and green fine tea with the addition of herbs, 20x1.75g in sachets (chamomile 40%, strawberry tea Oolong 30%, green tea 30%). 35g;
  • Nectar honey multi-floral Fairy tale Apiary 220g;
  • Shopping cart.

The composition is carefully prepared in a basket lined with willache (wood wool) and some compositions are additionally decorated with organza. The basket shown in the photo is an example and may differ in color and visually from the one to be delivered. The Delivered Gift Basket will be wrapped in foil. We secure the whole thing in a cardboard box.

Tax included Delivery within 1-4 days.

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