Romantic summer in Paris
      Romantic summer in Paris
      Romantic summer in Paris

      Romantic summer in Paris

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      Decorative wooden box for handkerchiefs is a dream gift for anyone who loves decorative, stylish accessories. The box is hand-decorated by decoupage method, depicting associating with holidays, travel and the city of Paris. They will work perfectly as a decoration of tables, instead of traditional and slightly boring napkins, and thanks to the retractable bottom wall it is possible to refill wipes on a day-to-day basis. This type of handkerchief gift is perfect for anyone who loves hand-decorated and conscientiously executed accessories.

      Rectangular wooden box for handkerchiefs.

      External dimensions: length 25.5cm; width 13,4cm; height: 8.5cm

      Internal dimensions: length 24cm; width 11.5cm; depth of 7cm.

      It fits standard 150 double-layer wipes and is ideal for smaller quantities of multi-layer wipes. Easy to insert and easy to use wipes.

        Box for handkerchiefs made of wood decorated with decoupage method. Handkerchief decorated with Parisian motif in pastel tone. The rubbed background brings out an exceptionally beautiful wood structure, giving the whole a natural and elegant look. Water-diluted paints and varnish were used for decoration. The box has a retractable bottom wall that allows you to insert wipes. The handkerchief can be a wonderful decoration of the table instead of traditional napkin.

        Decoupage prezenty handmade
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        Romantic summer in Paris

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