Butterfly Oct queen handkerchief box

Original and beautiful handkerchief hand decorated with decoupage method. The handkerchief box is an elegant and practical gift for anyone who loves decorative, stylish accessories. It goes well with the décor of the house in both modern and traditional style. The wooden box is decorated with a butterfly "Queen's Oct" and is in pastel tones. The handkerchief has a unique pattern and the motif perfectly matches the style in which it is made. They will work as a table decoration or a biórka, instead of traditional and slightly boring napkins. And thanks to the retractable bottom wall, it is possible to refill the wipes on an ongoing basis. As a gift, it will be perfect for anyone who loves hand-decorated and conscientiously performed accessories.

Square wooden box for handkerchiefs.

External dimensions: length 14cm; width 14cm; height: 13cm

Fits standard wipes, works well with smaller amounts of multilayer wipes. Easy to insert and easy to use wipes.

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Decorative handkerchief box perfect as an elegant and original gift. Hand-decorated wooden box for handkerchiefs by decoupage method. The rubbed background brings out an exceptionally beautiful wood structure, giving the whole a natural and elegant look. Water-diluted paints and varnish were used for decoration. The box has a retractable bottom wall that allows you to insert wipes. The handkerchief is a wonderful decoration of the table instead of traditional napkin.

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