Rose of the Winds

Image "Rose of the Winds" – The figure of Christ against the background of the rose winds of the direction indicator of sailors as a free interpretation of the sea route. Technique: acrylic on a painting deck


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Image "Wind Rose" - 64x84 cm, acrylic

Image "Rose of the Winds"

The painting "Rose of the Winds" depicts the figure of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross in the crown of thorns. In the background there is a rose of winds, which is a turn signal for sailors. The manner in which it was presented above certainly does not leave the recipient indifferent. The author of this work Polish a Jerzy Springer. On his works you can observe an unusual passion for maritime themes.

The technique used to paint the painting is acrylic paint on a painting board. This product will work great as a picture for your living room or office. The game of colors evokes a variety of emotions in the audience and undoubtedly leads to thinking.

"Rose of the Winds" is a good gift for a lover of sea shipping. It has been framed in standard frames, so it fits perfectly into the modern and classic interior. This product will undoubtedly be appreciated by anyone who is not familiar with the subject of sailing. Its uniqueness will undoubtedly delight art connoisseurs as well as its amateurs.

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