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      The painting "Twilight" – The area around the crane in Gdańsk is a often painted motif. This time in the collapsing twilight with the lamps lit. Acrylic technique, monotypic and gold flakes in the lights


        Image Dusk- 98x76 cm., acrylic +monotypia

        Image "Twilight"

        The painting "Twilight" was made by Jerzy Springer, a Polish painter, photographer and designer. In his work, the creator immortalized the famous surroundings of the crane in Gdańsk, after dark.

        For the creation of the image was the use of a painting technique called monotype, combined with acrylic paint. In places where there are lights reflected from the water surface, the author used gold flakes, and thanks to this procedure achieved an above-average effect.

        "Twilight" is a good gift picture. It is ideal for a variety of interiors, so that it will undoubtedly delight the person endowed with it. Immortalized on it city after dark, it activates the imagination of the recipient and allows him at least in his thoughts to move to charming Gdansk.

        This product will work as a picture for the bedroom, but also as a living room. The classic frames in which it has been framed allow it to adapt to interiors arranged in a variety of styles. The painting will delight anyone who is very sensitive to art and can appreciate its aesthetic qualities.

        Jerzy Springer
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