The painting "Flounder" – the work was created in Yaroslavl on the central coast during the landing of fish from the cutter. The work of fishermen is slowly moving away from the past. Acrylic technique + monotypia


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Flounder- 56x75.5 cm., acrylic+monotypic

Painting "Flounders"

The painting "Flounder" was created from the brush of the exceptionally talented Polish artist Jerzy Springer. The author's huge passion for maritime themes makes every visit to the coast an inspiration for him to create a unique work.

The inspiration for this image was a visit to the port of Yaroslavl. Observing the landing of fish from the cutter, it became an inspiration for the artist to capture the brush and bring his vision to the canvas. The painting technique he used is monotype combined with acrylic paint.

This work is not obvious and therefore prompts the recipient to reflect. The painting "Flounder" is ideal for residential, public and office interiors. The standard frames in which it has been framed make it ideal for both classic interiors and those arranged in a modern style.

This product is an idea for an elegant gift for people who like original and non-obvious departments, thought-provoking.

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