Photo Regatta

Photo Regatta – was created during the regatta on the Bay of Gdańsk. Made from water position and developed in photo processing program. Format printout on canvas framed and affixed to the disc.


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Photo- 138x62cm

Photo "Regatta"

Photo "Regatta" is an absolute masterpiece in the field of photography. Its author, Jerzy Springer them from a position of water, during the regatta in the Bay of Gdańsk. Looking at the photographs, the recipient feels as if he is present during the competition and has the opportunity to admire them up close.

This artistic photo has been refined in a photo-processing program. The large-format print on the canvas, placed on the board and framed, gives the impression of a window through which you can admire the struggles of the players on the water.

The product will work as a personalized gift for a person who plays this type of sport himself, as well as a fan of seaside topics. The photo "Regatta" will undoubtedly be appreciated by both photo connoisseurs and lay people.

The image encourages the recipient to stare at them for a long time, stimulates the imagination and allows in his thoughts to move to the Bay of Gdańsk. Thanks to this, it performs both aesthetic and relaxing functions. It is a unique product that will be used in a variety of interiors.

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