Half II

Painting "Catch" image inspired by a visit to the fish market in Thessalonikach. The effect that was created on the work was obtained from the combination of light illuminating the lying fish on the ice sheet. Acrylic+ monotypic technique


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Half I- 86x68 cm., monotytype

"Capture II" - a picture that evokes a number of different emotions

The sea and its inhabitants have always awakened the human imagination. Maybe it's because they're full of beauty and mystery. Or perhaps because it is the only landscape and element of the world that man has not been able to fully sooth.

Looking at the image "Catch II" - the observer has the impression that he can touch these colorful, beautiful and beautiful fish. And they smile at him and make the world colorful. "Half II" is the perfect gift picture for a person who is close to our heart. This personalised gift will awaken positive feelings such as joy, vitality and optimism and, most importantly, bring to mind a positive image of the person who gave it to it.

What is unique about "Half II"? I think it's an interweave of peace combined with a desire to travel, to explore the world. The richness of colors, colors and unconventional presentation of fish, awakens in man the desire to break into the world and experience something crazy. At the same time, the image of "Fishing II" is a source of silence, reflection and reflection on itself.

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