The painting "Waiting" - the image was created as a result of a journey along the route of Hanseatic cities. On the work, the mooring bar blocks on the waterfront in Lubeca were immortalized. The technique used to paint on the painting line is acrylic + oil


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Image Waiting - 135.5x106cm, acrylic+oil

"Waiting" image

The painting "Waiting" was painted by the gifted Polish painter Jerzy Springer. The inspiration for its creation was a journey along the route of Hanseatic cities. The image shows the barcas that docked at the port of Léuka.

This unique painting for the living room or bedroom was made using painting technique using acrylic paint and oil paint. Thanks to the perfectly chosen colors, the image gives coziness to the interiors, and also has a relaxing effect on those who admire it.

The image "Waiting" is the perfect idea for an elegant gift. It can be given to both close people and, for example, business partners. Thanks to its perfect performance, it will undoubtedly be appreciated by both lay people and art connoisseurs.

It will work as an addition to interiors arranged in a classic style. In the case of rooms leaning towards modernity, it will help to achieve a balance between their austerity and coziness. It will also look perfect in the company of a fireplace.

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