Three gravitas

The painting "Three Graces" - the image was created as a free interpretation of photos from the interwar period. It depicts the stay of three photographed women on the Polish sea. Technique: acrylic + oil on a paint work


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Three Grails- 102,5x81cm, acrylic+oil+monotypia

Three gravitas - the perfect decoration for the wall

The painting Three Gracje by the artist Jerzy Springer depicts three women who are by the Polish sea. The motivation for the creation of the image was photos from the interwar period and the creator's fans related to the theme of the sea. The Three Gracje painting is a fantastic proposition as a home painting not only for those who share the artist's interests. The seaside beach on a sunny day, as seen in the image, in each person will arouse pleasant associations reminiscent of the holiday and the associated rest time. Three young women hiding from the excess sun under colorful umbrellas against the background of the blue sea are synonymous with carefree spending time full of joy and fun. Three Of George Springer's Gracje will be great as a gift image, because both the colors and the subject matter of the image, evoke the same positive impressions in the audience. After all, the picture reminds you of a summer holiday, a long-awaited break from everyday duties, a time that bring peace and balance.

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