Image " Keja"- the image shows a boat moored at the bridge. The work was created as a result of a stay in Hamburg with a trip along the Hanseatic Trail. Technique: acrylic + oil on a paint work


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Image Keja- 76x86 cm, acrylic+oil

Image "Keja"

The technique used to paint the "Keja" painting required the use of acrylic and oil paint. This work was done by the gifted Polish artist Jerzy Springer.

Thanks to the applied color scheme and the reigning shades of blue, the image has a calming effect on the recipient and stimulates his imagination. The inspiration for this work was a trip along the Hanseatic Road and a stay in Hamburg. A boat moored on a wooden bridge was immortalized on it.

The painting "Keja" will be great as an element of interior design for both residential and business. In the latter case, it can be used as an image for an office or conference room.

Undoubtedly, it will be appreciated by both art connoisseurs and lay people, which is why it is a good idea for a personalized gift.

The perfection of the image, as well as the decorated frames in which it was framed, enhance its positive reception, while giving it elegance. Thanks to this, it is a perfect addition to the interiors arranged in a classic style.

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