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      "Fishing I" – ice-lying fish in the market is still a topic worth observing and developing. The topic taken from a visit to the fish market in Thessalonikach. Monotypia on a cardboard box with gold flakes in places of shimmering scales emphasizes the impression.


        Fish II- 76x98 cm., acrylic+monotype

        Image "Swallow I"

        The work was created from the brush of exceptionally talented Polish artist, designer and photographer Jerzy Springer. The painting "Catch I" is a consequence of a visit to the Greek fish market in Thessalonika. The technique used by the artist when making the painting is monotypia on a cardboard box. In addition, gold flakes have been used in places of fish scales, which undoubtedly enhances the impression.

        "Połów I" will work great as a picture for the living room and dining room. Thanks to the simple frames in which it was framed and its muted colors, it will be an ideal decorative element of both classic interiors and modern ones.

        It is also an idea for an elegant gift for a person who is interested in the subject of fish. Undoubtedly, it will be appreciated by both lay people and art connoisseurs. The image "Capture I" prompts the recipient to reflect and stimulates the imagination. It intrigues, delights and arouses positive emotions. Undoubtedly, it will appeal to people who are sensitive to painterly work, characterized by a high sense of aesthetics.

        Jerzy Springer
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        Połów I

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