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      "Marina" – the work was created in the marina in Gdynia. The meeting of new yachts with units built in the old style is the inspiration for the painting. Monotypic technique + acrylic on cardboard


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        Marina image is 91 x 76 cm with frame.

        Marina - a painting that evokes the most hidden fantasies

        Marina's painting is a great painting composition. When you look at it, a person wants to throw everything and live in a seaside town, where everything seems to roll lazily and in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

        Why is Marina's painting so special? First of all, because of the fact that peace beats from him, some inde measured depth, which is difficult to comprede, and which magnetizes so that it is difficult to take your eyes off it. It's a great picture for your living room. First, because it will brighten and cheer up the interior. And secondly, because such a masterpiece belongs to a unique setting, and the living room certainly promotes contemplation and thinking about art. Here are held the most interesting scientific disputes and social conversations.

        Marina is a picture perfect for a gift - who will like it the most? Marina's image is sure to appeal to vulnerable people who are fascinated by the vastness of the seas and oceans, who appreciate the charming yet simple landscapes in their design. This image calms, calms and brings to mind childhood dreams of sailing, traveling and living somewhere in the middle of the wasteland...

        Jerzy Springer

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