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      Oval box

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      Casket Oval Box

      The box is 10.5x7 cm in size.

      Select the type/method of decoration. Decoupage, engraving or decoupage and engraving. Ornaments are made on the outer side of the box cover. If decoupage and engraving are selected, the latter will be performed on the inside of the cover/lid.

      In the instructions box, write what pattern/theme you want to include on the box or upload the digital image/photo by attaching it below in the image box.

      Due to the fact that it is manual work, the lead time, depending on the method of decorating chosen and the complexity of the project, is from 2 to 3 weeks.

      Read the additional product description below.

      Note: Fill in all the customization fields before saving, if you want to add anything then you need to type all the information again and click save customization. Because if you add only in one, the other will be removed.

      The "Description" field below in the adjustments is a required field.

      Product customization

      Don't forget to save your customization to be able to add to cart

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        A personalized Oval Casket with its own pattern or photo is a gift with an idea. We appreciate the attention and the fact that the recipient has recognized our interests and passions. This is no ordinary gift that was simply taken from the store shelf and nicely packaged, where it took only a few moments. A gift personalized with a personal story and put into this work has great emotional value and it is difficult to get a better gift for our loved ones, friends or colleagues. Oval Casket is a box for valuable and important for us trinkets, jewelry and other items. It is perfect for ingenious packaging for another valuable gift. It will make an amazing impression if you put in such a decorative box you will put a surprise gift. Double surprise effect guaranteed.

        To personalize your product, write in the text box what theme, color, or pattern should be placed on the selected product. If you want to be decorated with your photo, attach it in the digital version below, in the "image" box. You can also attach an image with any view you're interested in (favorite animals, breathtaking views of mountains or sea, flowers, cars, trains, and more) or simply write what should be placed (e.g. wishes, love confession or secret slogan known and properly interpreted only by you).

        If it's an image, choose the image that's right for your product. If you have more than one photo/image, please send the remaining one, after placing your order, to the store's email address with the order number of the order to which it relates in the body or subject line of the message. Then our expert will choose the one that best suits your chosen box shape.

        Personalization can be done by decoupage method (images/photos will be prepared, glued and secured in a special way by our artists), as well as the selected image can be specially prepared and engraved. To do this, select/write in the description what method you choose.

        The box will be decorated with the selected theme or photo uploaded in the appropriate way you choose. We approach the execution of each order individually and in case our artist or graphic designer has additional questions, we will contact you. Therefore, we ask you to provide your phone number and email address in your order so that we can easily contact you and clarify your order details if necessary.

        Exchanges, characteristics and lead time:

        The wooden box in question is 10.5x7 cm.

        Due to the fact that it is manual work, the lead time, depending on the complexity of the project, is from 2 to 3 weeks. In special cases, it can be extended, as well as sometimes performed in a shorter period. We will contact you in case additional time or other details are required for your order.

        Such a prepared gift will make an amazing and unforgettable impression on the recipient. Personalized gift with history enjoys for many years. During meetings, it will remind and restore joyful memories.

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        Oval box

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