Tea box

Is tea tea as an original gift a good idea? Of course! This stylish box with a beautiful dragonfly will be a great gift for those who are in love with drinking tea. It is made of high-quality materials and hand-decorated by the method of decouperage, making it look beautiful.

Square wooden tea box in bags. It has 4 compartments for different flavors and types.

You can change the compartments to two, in the setting in the spread or along.

dimensions: length 16 cm, width 16 cm, height 8 cm

material: wood decorated with decoupage method

The box looks very nice. It will also work as a container for jewelry and other trinkets. It will delight the lover of beautiful patterns.

Tea room for a gift

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Tea/Tea box or other trifle.

Wooden box for tea or other trinkets decorated with decoupage method. Rubbed to show the beautiful texture of wood. Painted with eco-friendly paints and high-gloss acrylic lacquer. Decoration with dragonfly motif maintained in a romantic style. The dominant colors are pale turquoise, ecru and gray.

External dimension in centimeters 16,00; sz.16,00;w. 7.50 inside four compartments

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